October 15th is the last day for free shipping on orders of 5 lbs. or more! Local orders do not apply for this promotion.
We have types from the republic of Georgia,the province of  Krasnodar in Russia, the Kishlyk mountains in Uzbekistan, the Chimyan mountains in Uzbekistan, as well as southern Armenia and eastern Siberia, plus others. You will have a hard time finding these types in as good a quality as we grow!
Orders are going out on a daily basis, that's a good thing. But we don't want you too miss out on this years great crop, so hurry and get the free shipping on any order over 5lbs. We still have some jumbo Porcelains and other types ready for sale. The Sakura, Shvelisi, Khabar, Kishlyk and Krasnodar will be in short supply for seed, order early to make sure you get your seed. Chimyan is also limited but grew very well this season. Kitchen stock orders are being filled daily as they come in,  just let us know your favorite and we will get it packed right away. Northern zones should place orders now, they can be shipped right away, planting could be right around the corner with our erratic weather patterns. Place orders now via email, text or phone. Texting is available now on my cell @ 480-773-1183. Call or email for info, you can find the Sakura secret on the products page!

We are growing here in Southern Minnesota. Our families roots for organic produce farming go back over a century.
If your garlic order is not satisfactory you must contact us immediately so we can make it right. Damage during shipping can occur and we will deal with the shipper and get you some replacement cloves.

Our gaurantee to you is that we will provide you with the best product we can. We work hard for ourselves and that hard work carries over to you.